The Former West Virginia Penitentiary was built by the newly formed state of West Virginia after the Civil War.

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Police Employment

Moundsville Police Department Applications are being accepted and are kept on file. Your completed application must be submitted to the Office of the City Clerk to be considered for this round of testing. Submit your completed application to :

City of Moundsville
PO Box E
800 Sixth Street
Moundsville, WV 26041

Applications for the Moundsville Police Department may be filed at anytime. Upon the announcement of the next test you will be notified by mail of the testing site and times. Applications can be downloaded and then mailed to the City of Moundsville.

Benefits include:

Paid hospitalization
Paid vacation
20 year retirement
Uniform allowance
Civil Service protection

Testing Procedure:

Testing for the Moundsville Police Department is conducted by the City of Moundsville Policemanís Civil Service Commission. Prior to a written examination the candidate will be required to pass a physical/agility test. The physical/agility testing phase is a pass/fail segment. Failure of any one element of the physical agility screen will exclude the candidate from proceeding in the testing.

Upon the successful completion of the physical/agility portion of the testing you will be notified of the site and time for the written testing. Prior to taking the written test you will be directed to deposit with the City of Moundsville, a fee of $15.00 to cover testing materials.

A standard mark of 70% must be attained by the applicant before inclusion on a list of eligibles. The written test will comprise 100% of the applicantís score with possible additional points. Additional points are awarded for training and experience.

click here to download an application packet which describes in detail the elements for testing for the job of Patrolman.


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