The Downtown area of Moundsville, Jefferson Avenue looking East

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Philip K. Remke

Vice Mayor
Philip K. Remke
(At Large)
1509 Eighth Street
Moundsville, WV 26041
Phone: 304-845-9594
Cell: 304-280-8974


Philip “Phil” Remke of Moundsville is the previous owner of Remke Furniture & Appliance Showcase, and is currently the reining president and CEO of Remke Helping Hands Medical Supplies located in the Historic Central Business District of Uptown Moundsville. Phil and his wife, Loretta,  have been married 31 years and have raised three children.

In addition to his family and business, Phil has organized the first lighted Christmas parade and been a instrumental member of the community since he spearheaded the organization of the MEDC Phil accomplished many endeavors, one of which was reopening the former West Virginia Penitentiary as a tourist destination and bringing over 38,000 tourists to Moundsville in a two year period of time. Along with the reopening of the WV Penitentiary, Phil incorporated the first prison riot/trade show and first haunted house inside the walls of the facility. While chairman of the MEDC he also oversaw a $1.3 million dollar streetscape for the Historic Central Business District, and a $30,000 entrance way sign on the Rt. 250 bypass. On November 2, 2010 Phil was elected as councilman at large, and assumed the seat on January 4, 2011. While a member of Moundsville City Council, Phil has once again become an active leader in the community, with his focus aimed at cleaning-up the city and shinning light upon the Historic Central Business District (Jefferson Ave.). Since assuming a seat as councilman, Phil has started “Christopher’s Curb Appeal” in honor of his deceased son which has made improvements such as a tree trimming project, hanging baskets on light posts, and music throughout the streets of Jefferson Ave. In 2011 he founded the Uptown Moundsville Activities Committee (UMAC), which made events such as the Easter Spring Fling, Farmers Market, Fall Festival, and a Christmas concert (Spirit of Christmas) in conjunction with a 40ft. Christmas tree available to the residences of Moundsville. In August of 2012 Phil was the key player in bringing a replica of the Vietnam wall to the city of Moundsville, and bringing thousands of spectators from all over West Virginia, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and surrounding states to pay their respects to our fallen soldiers.





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