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Burn Permit

No person shall burn or cause to be burned any papers, leaves, shavings, rubbish, or other combustible matter on any street, alley or other piece of land in the city, without notice to and permission from the Chief of the Department. In no event shall such burning be done or permitted within twenty (20) feet of any wooden building, fence or structure, or without the supervision of a person twenty-one (21) years of age.
  • Persons that are issued burn permits are responsible for contacting air pollution control at 304-238-1220.

  • Forest Fire Seasons are March 1-May 31 and October 1-December 31.

  • No burning during Forest Fire Season between the hours of 7 A.M. 5 P.M.

  • Fires MUST be attended at ALL times.

  • A water source or other approved source of extinguishing of fire shall be available.

  • Man made materials are NOT permitted to be burned: These include but are not limited to household trash, rubber, plastics, asbestos containing materials and building materials.

  • Only vegetative matter is permitted to be burned: brush, grass, leaves, limbs, trunks, and stumps (8 inches before splitting) ARE permitted to be burned.

  • Fires shall be COMPLETELY EXTINGUISHED and not allowed to smolder before being left unattended.

  • Any burn permit violations can result in a fine of $500.00

  • It is NEVER legal to impact your neighbors with smoke, ash, or odors. Always consider the time of day, proximity to others, type of material, wind direction, and other weather conditions such as air stagnation.

  • Consult the City of Moundsville Fire Department for any advice of concerns you may have about outdoor burning in the City.

Moundsville Fire Department
Bureau of Fire Prevention
804 Sixth Street
Moundsville, WV 26041


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