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City Treasurer

The City Treasurer oversees all checking and savings accounts maintained by the City of Moundsville General Fund. She prepares daily bank deposits, as well as handling disbursements, upon authorization from the City Manager. All General Fund invoices cross the Treasurer's desk at various stages of the Accounts Payable process.

Employee Benefits are administered by the City Treasurer, in conjunction with the City Manager and Third Party Administrators. Packages include health, dental, vision, and life insurances as well as pension plans for full-time City employees and Fire and Police Department retirees.

City employees' Payroll records, such as wage information and annual leave accrual, are maintained by the City Treasurer. She is responsible for making bi-weekly tax deposits and payroll deduction payments.

Karen L. Ankrom


The current City Treasurer Ankrom also serves as Recording Secretary of the Moundsville Sanitary and Storm water Utility Boards, in addition to the Board of Zoning Appeals and Planning Commission.

Karen can be reached by email or by calling 304-845-3394.



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