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City Clerk

The City Clerk is the keeper of the City Seal and the custodian of all official records of the City of Moundsville, maintaining files that include ordinances, resolutions, bonds, contracts, agreements and affidavits.

The City Clerk serves as the clerk of the Moundsville City Council and keeps a permanent record of the proceedings of the City Council and various Boards and Commissions.

The Clerk also processes all licenses allowed by ordinance pertaining to business. The City Clerk is also responsible for the administration of local elections. The conduct of elections shall be integrated with the system of permanent registration of voters of the State of West Virginia and all provisions of the laws relating thereto.

The City Clerk is also the "Clerk of the Court" for Moundsville Municipal Court. As such the Clerk is responsible for keeping and maintaining a docket containing the record of each case brought before the municipal court and disposition thereof.

Sondra can be reached by email or by calling 304-845-3394.

Sondra Hewitt



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